Suck & Tuck Bike Shorts
Suck & Tuck Bike Shorts
Suck & Tuck Bike Shorts
Suck & Tuck Bike Shorts

Suck & Tuck Bike Shorts

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 ✨Leisure-wear vs Athletic-wear

While these bad boys look high tech … because they are… these were not specifically designed with super athletes in mind. These were designed for the woman who heads to morning yoga before waking her kids up. The woman who needs a grocery shopping look besides homeless. The woman who wrestles her babies all day long. And most importantly, the woman who wants to feel body-confidence in her clothing without actually having to wear her spanx! You get the point. I known your gym rats will love them too, but just keep in mind, that’s not what these were specifically researched for.

✨Etended Length Waistbandband

We added an entire inch to the industry standard waistband. Why? Because it’s not cute when the seam of your band shimmies up over or slides down under your lower belly & makes it stick out even more. Our extended band ensure your lower abdomen is fully supported while all seams hit you in a more flattering position!

✨No-seam Front Design & V-seam Back

Let’s face it, women have a special hatred for crotch seams but a special love for back seams! In the front they hurt, ride up, & shimmy their way into places nobody wants to go... so we eliminated that pesky flaw to ensure total comfort! And in the back, they can really lift & plump when placed strategically 😉

✨Suck & Tuck Fabric

Our luxe nylon packs a high impact punch! Ultra compressive & smoothing without the actual shapewear suffocation? Yes please! Our non-sheer, suck & tuck fabric provides the perfect suck, tuck, & camouflage whether you’re squatting at the gym or in front of your husband because he dropped the remote…

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